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2D Barcode Fonts

Aztec barcode is 2D matrix barcode symbology capable to encode bulk data. Aztec barcode is fully capable to encode both ASCII and Extended ASCII characters. The data encoded may include letters, numbers, text and actual bytes of data, including extended characters, Unicode characters and small photos.
DataBar symbology was formally adopted by the global supply chain in January 2011. Databar is a two-dimensional barcode font standard Used in Grocery, Retail business and Healthcare industry, where items are too small, or additional information needs to be encoded such as product weight, expiry dates or serial numbers.
Data barcode 128 is two dimensional barcode font standard used to encode large amount of data in a relatively small amount of space. Multiple data may be encoded in DataBar Expanded barcodes for use in POS systems, which can replace common UPC and EAN symbols in the same space or less. This allows serial numbers, sell-by dates and other vital information to be easily verified at the point of sale.
Data bar Code 128 Set A is one of the most popular modern 2D barcode font standards. It is a very high density barcode that supports capital letters, numeric values, control codes and punctuation. Data bar Code 128 Set A is widely used in many applications including for inventory and tracking purpose.
Databar Code 128 Set B Font is high density and widely used 2D barcode font symbology that has been extensively implemented for inventory and shipping industries. Databar Code 128 Set B Font supports capital letters, numeric values, lowercase letters and punctuation. Databar Code 128 Set B Font specifies combinations of 6 bars and spaces for each character except the Stop character, which uses 7. Thus, each character begins with bar and ends with a space.
Databar Code 128 Set C Font is one of the most popular modern 2D barcode font standards. Databar Code 128 Set C Font has been widely implemented in shipping, packaging industry and inventory control. Databar Code 128 Set C font supports double density numeric values from 00 through to 99. Databar Code Set C Font 128 includes 107 symbols, 103 data symbols, 3 start codes and 1 stop code.
EAN-8 is also known as European Article Number 8, EAN-8 Supplement 5/Five-digit Add-On, EAN-8 Supplement 2/Two-digit Add-On, EAN-8+5, EAN-8+2, EAN8, EAN8+5, EAN13+2, UPC-8, GTIN-8, GS1-8 and EAN/UCC-8. EAN-8 font is capable to encode the numbers only and widely used in application including retail product marking world-wide with limited label space.
Databar EAN 13 Font is 2D barcode font symbology that is introduced by the International Article Numbering Association (EAN) in Europe. Databar EAN 13 Font is capable of encoding numbers only and has been widely implemented in many applications including retail product marking world-wide. Data EAN 13 Font consists of two digits numbers ranging form 00 to 99.
DataBar Expanded Barcode symbology is used to carry more information than the current EAN/UPC barcode and is thus capable of identifying small items more easily. This barcode type can encode the 14-digit GTIN along with several GS1 Application Identifiers in a single symbol. It is also commonly used to encode coupon data.
DataBar Limited barcode can encode 14-digit GTIN. If less than 14 digits are being encoded, zeros are appended to the beginning of the data. This symbology is specifically designed to be read by handheld laser scanners and cannot be read efficiently by omni-directional scanners.
Data matrix code is a 2D barcode symbology that can encode a large amount of information within a square or rectangle symbol. All 256 characters can be encoded. DataMatrix barcode can encode text, numbers, files and actual bytes of data. DataMatrix is a two dimensional matrix symbology which is made up of square modules arranged within a finder pattern.
Micro-PDF417 is designed for applications requiring improved area efficiency, and is used for Composite Codes in GS1 DataBar. MicroPDF417 is two-dimensional (2D), multi-row symbology, derived from PDF417 barcode font standard that encodes up to 150 bytes. MicroPDF417 contains 24 different Micro PDF417 barcode font versions in 4 formats with normal and human readable versions.